Instagram stories are a great way to market any business. Even according to a report there are more than 250 millions of users who regularly check Instagram stories. However, if you are wondering how to create engaging Instagram stories? Then this wonderful article is for you.
As you read further in this article, we will be sharing a couple of points that you should keep in mind while creating an Instagram story. So you can drive traffic or sales with the help of Instagram specially when you have already bought Instagram followers. So let’s just head into the topic without wasting much of the time.

How to Create Engaging Instagram Stories?

How To Stories:
You can use the Instagram stories to share a tutorial. For example, if you are a brand that sells beauty products online then you can make stories based on how your product helps a person to look good.
Similarly, if you are a clothing brand, then you can create stories sharing styling guide. By doing so, you will be able to grab the attention of the audience and might generate some good sales.
Even there are so many brands out there who are making how to stories and trying to promote their product in a direct way.
So in case if you too want to get sales from Instagram, then you should start creating how to stories and engage with your audience frequently.

Limited Time Offers or Promo codes:
You can also use Instagram to promote your promo codes. For example, if you are running a sale for one of your products then you can simply use Instagram stories to promote about it along with a promo code. In addition to that, Instagram lets you add a link via the swipe up feature.
So you create a story that tells about your product, your sale, and promo code and in the end add the link to your sales page. Now if anyone is really interested in your product, then they can swipe up the Instagram story and buy the product.

Tell People About Your Product:
You can also use Instagram stories to tell people about your product. For example, recently we have noticed a smartphone brand promoting their new smartphone. The story had all the details about the smartphone.
Plus they have had used vibrant colors and easy to read texts. And overall it was indeed a great way to promote a product.
Moral of the story is, your stories should have vibrant colors, your product’s image along with easy to read texts. Also, do try to mention the top great things about your product. This way the audience will get a quick idea about why your product is better.

You can also use Instagram stories to talk about an announcement, an upcoming event or update related to your brand. For example, if you are a restaurant owner who has recently opened a new restaurant at a location. Then you can use Instagram stories to tell about it to your audience. Along with the story you can also share some discount offers for instant branding.
So the audience will get interested in your business and give you a sell. Even if you are one of such brand who sells online services, then you can organize a webinar related to your product. And then tell the audience about it using the Instagram stories.

So those were some of the top ways to create engagement Instagram stories. However, while creating stories, you should think about offering best user experience. Make the stories colorful. You can also upload small video clips with the text overlays.
Anyway, that was all for your question that says how to create engaging Instagram stories. If you have any more questions, then do feel free to leave a comment down below.